Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A local environmental hero

Getting green is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, as my colleagues like to say. It's really going to be a discussion that involves quite a few voices, even those in the growth-and-development lobby that don't ostensibly share many of the values of the environmental movement.
One of the leading voices in Las Vegas has actually been one that talks to all sides. Steve Rypka writes a regular column (buried in the home & garden section every other Saturday, unfortunately) that helps people live a greener, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Rypka, president of a local company that specializes in green building, alternative energy and similar smart choices, can frequently be found out and about at lectures, talks and events. He recently helped provide testimony on the notorious Southern Nevada Water Authority water grab at a hearing of the Nevada Assembly -- which was delicious, since he last year won an award from the agency for his energy and water-efficient home.
Rypka's website provides some insight into the water grab as well as sensible tips for sustainable living in the desert. You can see the catalogue of his columns and other information here:


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