Friday, July 6, 2007

I Know Where the Water Goes

This video on You Tube (via Nevada Today) speaks volumes to the mindset of the Southwestern developers who are so cozy with the Southern Nevada Water Authority. I think there is an added touch of irony to the fact that Pulte Homes is using a water truck to disrupt a legal demonstration (following a bullshit threat from a Pulte stooge).
Pulte is huge in Phoenix, where this was recorded, and Nevada, where the developer is in bed with the politicos (unindicted and otherwise).
I guess that's why the SNWA wants to defoliate Central Nevada: So the agency can provide water for tract housing and the water cannons to attack union workers.
Thanks, Nevada Today!


Tuck said...

A couple of years ago you ran a couple of articles about the Jack Johnson Company's efforts to build a casino in Lee Canyon.

Do you happen to know the status of that project? It relates to some research I am doing on past development efforts at Mt. Charleston.


Howard said...

It's funny, I've seen Pulte working to boost their image as a part of our community by making donations and participating in corporate volunteer efforts. I would be pissed at whatever idiot participated in the quashing of that demonstration, if I were them. But then again, that video probably hasn't been distributed enough to warrant public outrage yet, especially considering the poor protesters are "damned illegals" in the eyes of many.