Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Enemy is Plants

Southern Nevada Water Authority Czarina Pat Mulroy has launched her new ad campaign on television airwaves, a campaign so purely bull twaddle that it is awesome in its chutzpah.

Mulroy thanks Southern Nevada’s residents for maintaining the highest per-capita water use level of any urban region of the Southwest. Then she brags that the key to overcoming drought is to grab the “unused” water from rural Nevada.

This word, “unused,” has become a big mantra recently. (R&R Partners apparently has done some polling.) Mulroy used it four times at the recent Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests hearing (dog and pony show) in Las Vegas.

If the water is unused, why, then certainly is should be put to some sort of use! Of course, the water is being used by those pesky plants and animals that, you know, actually live up there. The whole sad, destructive Water Authority plan is to take the water from plants and give it to the casinos and homebuilders.

Mulroy seems to view Nevada’s plants and animals, including a couple of dozen animals and plants that already are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act and many dozens more that should be, as parasites, threatening the manifest destiny as decreed by developers and neighborhood-casino companies.

Fortunately, those people who actually elect Mulroy’s bosses don’t share those sentiments. People who live in and around Las Vegas are sick to death of the “growth at any cost” scenario. Many are still confused about what, if anything, they can do to stop the urban growth that is destroying their quality of life. They hear Mulroy on the news disparaging conservation while her agencies seem to suggest that it’s a good idea.

It’s up to all of us to let the Water Authority and the elected politicos know that not only do we think that there are alternatives, we’re tired of letting the developers dominate the public policy discussions, on television or anywhere else.

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