Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hell no, we won't glow

My friend Judy Treichel is featured in a pair of stories from my former colleague at the Las Vegas Sun, Lisa Mascaro. Judy has been one of the valiant warriors waging a peaceful and effective fight against the government-industrial effort to stick 160 million pounds of highly radioactive waste in our community’s backyard.
Judy, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (which I work for), the Sierra Club and other organizations of progressives, conservationists and people who give a damn are looking at two meetings this week that have big implications for the Yucca Mountain dump battle. The first meeting, Monday night at Cashman, will be part of the environmental review of the almost comically foolish plans to truck the lethal waste through Central Nevada. The second, Wednesday morning, is a step in the deliberately arcane and complex process of approving the license to stick the waste here. For more information on both meetings, the Nevada Conservation League has details here.

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granmajan said...

I want to congratulate Judy on her work!! Other states should take note also. How is the nuclear waste going to get to the Nevada site but through their states. All forms of transportation have their accidents and it could be in your State!!!