Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Great Vegas Review

OK, a little harsh perhaps... Wonkette slags on Las Vegas.

"Horrible smog. Chewed-up desert. Wind storms. Endless vistas of foreclosed stucco boxes. For Sale signs and Payday Loan joints. Crushing unemployment. No water. Rampant crime, prostitution, drug addiction, gambling addiction — all squirming around the edges of a never-finished vulgar theme park that should be blown up and reassembled in Dubai, where it belongs.
Nevada is the bold new America...
Las Vegas is an ugly sprawl of bland beige shacks, strip malls, giant neon-bright animated billboards, navel-pierced dull-eyed strippers, brain-damaged bums, and scientifically-designed soul-killing casinos..."

And then it gets mean. Still, you know, those hordes of visiting media folks, even the pajama-clad class of "new media" types, would be well advised to take a walk around Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire. It's not all strip malls and tract housing. Or strip bars and slot machines.

More on how we look to the rest of the world:

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