Friday, February 8, 2008

Water Hearings

The Nevada State Engineer opened the floodgates today to public comment on the SNWA's reckless and environmentally catastrophic plan to defoliate rural Nevada. Comment came in from Caliente, Ely, Carson City and Las Vegas. Most of the comment was in opposition to the Water Grab. The usual gang of do-gooder conservationists, ranchers whose families have lived in rural Nevada for generations, American Indians who value the land, and others who for some reason don't understand why tract housing and neighborhood casinos down here are more important than the environment and livelihoods up yonder.

The exception was in Las Vegas, where the Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Associated General Contractors and numerous (non-union) developers joined trade unions in arguing that rural Nevada has to die so that Vegas can continue growing and wasting water. Anything else would jeopardize the profits down hereabouts and so, you know, screw the environment, Native Americans, agriculture, science and law.

It was actually pretty impressive, if lining up every profit-motivated interest in the service of dumping science and law counts as "impressive." But hey, you can't stop progress, right?

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WeekendPundit said...

Hey Launce, finally tracked you down! Didn't know you had left the biz for the advocacy side of politics. Be sure to provide details. I too left newspapers, working now for very evil corporations. Oh, well, puts food on the table for the kids (yes, I have kids now). I'm going to be in Vegas for a conference in June, let's hook up and do some damage. Drop me an e-mail. Adios for now! Jerry F